A weak gospel foundation leads to very fragile missions practices. Understanding both the biblical foundations and biblical missionary practices is essential to joining the everyday mission of God.

Life on Mission is a rich but simple guide that will help everyday missionaries (electricians, lawyers, church planters, students, etc.) in the areas of gospel and mission, which will lead to an effective ministry within one’s own community.

The content is adaptable to any context and can function well as an individual study or within a small group environment.  Life on Mission not only delivers a robust gospel base with daily mission practices, but it is threaded with engaging stories and powerful questions that help individuals to take their next steps to living Life on Mission.


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joining the everyday mission of God


“Life on Mission explains the biblical foundations and explores the practical implications for how God has designed your life to be a part of His purpose in the world. I encourage you not only to read this book, but to apply it. And as you do, to join in what God is doing in your neighborhood, in North America and among the nations for the sake of His great name.”

David Platt

International Mission Board

The Authors

DUSTIN WILLIS @dustinwillis

DUSTIN WILLIS has served in multiple leadership roles with the North American Mission Board and as church planter and pastor of Midtown Fellowship in Columbia, S.C. Dustin and his wife, Renie, have two children and are daily seeking to live on mission in Atlanta.

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AARON COE @aaronbcoe

Aaron Coe serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Passion City Church in Atlanta. He and his wife, Carmen, have four children, Ezra James, Danielle, Joshua and Harper.

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Josh CarrollAbout The Book